Self Esteem Therapy

How Does Self-Esteem Impact Your Well-Being?

Individuals who struggle with self-esteem and confidence often find challenges in various areas of life. They may have turbulent relationships, they may not perform well in school or work, and they may struggle to take care of their physical or emotional health. When receiving praise or validation, people with low self-esteem may hold a negative self concept that interferes with their ability to see themselves how others see them.

Low self-esteem can create an experience where people feel stagnant in their lives. They might believe they don’t have enough worth to deserve good things. They may sabotage their chances of success because they think they are doomed to failure. It can be a lonely and frustrating battle despite wanting to feel better.

What Causes Low Self-Esteem?

Many variables can impact the development of an individual’s self-esteem. People with histories of trauma may struggle with intense feelings of guilt or shame and internalized self-loathing over what happened to them. Perfectionism may impact self esteems by focusing only on what is flawed or wrong with oneself rather than acknowledging positives or enoughs. Low self-esteem and confidence problems can also manifest from real or perceived deficits at school, work, or in relationships. Finally, certain conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance use disorders can take a tremendous toll on one’s self-esteem.

How I Can Help You With Your Self-Esteem

Therapy can help you improve the relationship you have with yourself. We will learn how to redefine your concept of self-love, and we will also tackle the barriers that prevent you from seeing yourself in a more positive light. These barriers are usually related to negative thinking and ineffective coping. You will learn healthier thought patterns, and you will also learn how to treat yourself with more self-compassion and self-care. The safe and connected alliance we create will help you to feel confident to do this work.