Family Dynamic Therapy

Family Dynamics

What Do We Know About Family Dynamics?

All families have inherent rules, expectations, biases, and habits. Often, this roadmap passes along from generation to generation. Family members may be unaware of such rules, and they may accept or adapt to them without even realizing it. Families play a profound role in shaping human behavior. From birth, a child’s parents and extended family provide blueprints in creating the individual’s understanding of relationships, identity and self regulation. Some of the family’s rules and expectations are explicit, but many of them are more implicit and automatic.

What Problems Arise In Family Systems?

Problems within family dynamics can arise at any time. In some cases, members do not know how to communicate with one another. They might blame or attack someone else when things go wrong. They do not know how to set and implement healthy boundaries. This often leads to anger and resentment. Sometimes, people are willing to talk about these issues. However, it’s not unusual for these problems to remain unaddressed.

Family dynamics can also be abusive and traumatic. Many people grow up in households with pervasive problems related to physical and emotional abuse, substance use, neglect, financial despair, and divorce. These problems can affect an individual’s self-esteem and relationships during childhood and adulthood. The family offers a framework for safety and support. If these needs do not get met, the individual often struggles to meet them later in life.

How I Can Help You With Family Dynamics

Many people benefit from working on family dynamics in their therapy. Whether your issues are related to your past or your present, it’s important to process your feelings and reactions. It may also be important to learn healthier ways to communicate and respond to your family. In therapy, you can learn how your family impacts your thoughts and feelings. If needed, you can also learn how to set appropriate boundaries to protect yourself and your well-being.