Why Are Relationships Important?

Humans are social creatures, and people depend on the intimate bonds they share with others for self-esteem, connection, and an inherent sense of worth. These relationships play a fundamental role throughout lifespan development. Friends, family, and partners teach people about themselves as they provide comfort and support through various life events. When people experience a healthy attachment to others, their lives feel significantly more satisfying and meaningful.

What Is Attachment And How Is It Developed?

Attachment starts in infancy. How caregivers attune to their baby’s needs sets a framework for the child’s sense of security with others. When a caregiver responds to the baby’s needs effectively and promptly, the child typically experiences the world as a safe place. As a result, the baby develops internal mechanisms that facilitate feeling comfortable exploring their world, self regulating emotions and building new relationships.

However, if a caregiver is unresponsive or responds inconsistently to the child’s needs, he or she may develop an anxious, avoidant, or disorganized attachment style. These attachment styles can result in relationship problems associated with self-esteem, vulnerability, and intimacy.

Attachment issues may first become apparent in adolescence or young adulthood. For example, one may wonder why they feel “clingy” in romantic relationships. Or, despite having the desire to be close to others, people might find themselves closed-off and guarded. These issues may prevent people from experiencing the connection and love they want from other people. Moreover, if they have children of their own, they may experience difficulties in knowing how to attune to their needs.

How I Can Help You Work Through Attachment Issues

The therapeutic relationship can be a fantastic launchpad for feeling comfortable and secure with another person. As your therapist, I will provide you with a safe holding space, and we will work together to explore the root causes of your attachment issues. Together, we can increase your self-esteem, self effectiveness and your ability to feel secure with other people.